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Jim is available to talk or correspond with you to see how he might be of help to you and your self storage business.  
During my four decades plus of work within the self storage industry, I have watched the evolution of our industry. We have moved from a "Build It and They Will Come" philosophy to an understanding that the mantra must be caution and conservative assumptions. Detailed due diligence has never been more important whether you are building new or buying an established self-storage facility. Our clients have recognized that, at its core, self storage is a service business not merely a real estate investment.  

I have conducted consulting engagements in all 50 states and in several foreign countries.   My perspective in advising our clients has always been would I invest in this project myself?  As the industry has gotten more and more competitive over these past four decades, it is not enough to go it alone in making a decision to invest in building or buying a self storage business.

I would welcome the opportunity to talk with you to determine how I could apply my years of experience and industry expertise to your current needs as you evaluate making your investment decision. Send me an email or give me a call at 434-825-4204 to discuss the issues and challenges you are facing.
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Chiswell First Guest on Real Talk with Troy Bix
Jim was selected to be the first industry guest on a new podcast hosted by Mr. Troy Bix, President of the R3 Division of
Janus International.

"Troy and I have been friends for a very long time.  We have watched as our industry has grown and matured over the past 40 years.  Getting time to just spend talking about our great industry was one of the best Christmas gifts I could be given.

I hope you will enjoy it.  Here is a link.

Chiswell Appointed to RV Storage Organization Advisory Board
Jim has been selected to serve on the Advisory Board for Toy Storage Nation – The Voice of the Recreational Vehicle Storage Industry. I am honored by this opportunity to work with this organization,” Chiswell commented. The storage of RVs, as well as boats, has emerged as a distinct storage business category over the past several decades. With RV production and sales running at historic levels, coupled with ever increasing restriction and regulations on where an RV can be legally stored, the need for secure spaces – fully enclosed, covered and even open parking has grown exponentially.  

“During my 40 years working in the self storage industry, I have watched as RV storage has grown from a mere niche use of extra land at self storage facilities into a standalone business with unique characteristics and challenges. I see the Toy Storage Nation organization filling a vital role in helping both existing operators, as well as entrepreneurs, seeking industry knowledge and insights as they consider entering the RV storage industry. I believe that they will find this specialized expertise within this organization,” said Chiswell.  

For more about Toy Storage Nation, how to become a part of the organization and the RV storage industry, visit their website at  " “ 
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