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Project Feasibility Reports

Our feasibility studies help our clients to evaluate the
investment potential of the location they are considering.

The Report includes: 
   • Examination of the Site
   • Analysis of Demographic Trends
   • Evaluation of the Existing Competition
   • Unit Mix Recommendations   
   • Financial Projections
   • Marketing and Management Considerations

Chiswell & Associates Services
Acquisition Due Diligence Studies

The purchase of an existing self storage store presents some of the
same evaluation challenges as that of building a new project, but also comes with a variety of additional due diligence requirements. It is vitally important to determine the upside potential of the investment.

These Studies include:
   • Physical Evaluation of the Facility
   • Rent Roll Analysis
   • Review of Existing Operations     
   • Assessment of Current Managers
   • Analysis of Demographic Trends
   • Evaluation of the Existing Competition

Complete Facility Operations Analysis

Jim will draw on his 27 years of industry experience when he personally visits your facilities to conduct the fieldwork for his Operations Analysis Report. 

Jim's analysis will include:
  • Review of the Store’s Policy and Procedures
  • Evaluation of Current Maketing Materials
  • Discussions with Managers to Determine Skill Levels
  • Review of Customer Files
  • Complete Lock Check of all Rental Units
  • Examination of Non-Standard Customer Rentals
  • Assessment of Physical Appearance of the Store and Office

Complete Customized Employee Training & Manager Evaluation 

  •  Customized 2 – 6 hour Training Sessions  
  •  Focused on Individualized Staff Needs
  •  Can Include Telephone & In-Store Mystery Shopping
  •  Detailed Evaluation of Managers

 Buyer/Seller Consulting 

   • Assistance in Preparation of Facility For Sale
   • Preparation of Marketing Package for Store
   • Evaluation of Investment Objectives
   • Development of an Acquisition Strategy
   • Maximize the Return on the Sale of a Property

The Site Summary Memorandum (SSM) 

The SSM is designed to provide an affordable Preliminary Assessment 
of the land or building or established facility you are considering.

The SSM includes:
  • A detailed site specific Demographic Report that examines the
        historic, current and future population and households trends.
  • An electronic examination of the current competition within the 
        target market area.
  • An Internetsearch of the target market area to determine the
        ranking of the established competition.  This includes current
        rental rates where available.
  • An assessment of the data collected with preliminary positive 
        or negative recommendations about proceeding with the venture. 
  • A personal Conference Call with Jim to discuss his recommendations.  

While not designed to be a substitute for a detailed Feasibility Study and Report,
the Site Summary Memorandum can provide you with sufficient details to make a more informed decision.  

Contact Chiswell & Associates to discuss personally with Jim if an SSM is suitable for your proposed purchase and where you are in the acquisition cycle.